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Get WIRED - Can the Orgasm be Optimized?

Published on December 7, 2020

"Before it even existed, the Osé was on TIME’s 100 Best Inventions list as a sex toy using micro-robotics to fix the orgasm gap. But reviewers and users say it didn’t deliver. Reporter Lux Alptraum lays out the story of the Osé and the fascinating history of sex toys that got us here. Learn more about your ad choices."

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Out There Podcast - A Series of Unlikely Events

Published on October 1, 2020

"In 2001, Donna Martino stuck a photo on her fridge. It was a picture from the newspaper of a handsome kayaker paddling through the surf. A few months later, Donna matched with the man on a dating website. The rest is history. We tend to assume that fairytale beginnings are a recipe for disaster. But sometimes, the world serves up a dose of schmaltz. This story, by Out There production intern Aja Simpson, is about what happens when coincidences pile up, and strangers take a chance on each other."

Behind the Scenes of What's NewAja Simpson
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